11 janeiro 2012

Jane by Design

A couple of weeks ago I was checking the schedule of the series premieres, when I saw this new tv show and decided to see its preview. I really liked its story so I did a very bad thing.. I downloaded it.
The series is revolves around the life of a teenage girl called Jane who is mistaken as an adult and lands a job in a hip retail company. Because she really wants this job, she will try to conciliate school with work. But, will she manage to do so, without being discovered? 
Jane uses very  fun, colourful, age appropriate and always very stylish clothes and accessories, both to school and to work.
Have you heard or seen this TV show yet? 

This is an outfit I've created that I can totally see Jane wearing.


PS: This series isn't on Portuguese television yet. I believe it can only be seen on the US or illegally on the internet.
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  1. gostei muito do teu blog, já o sigo, espero que possas seguir o meu também :)

  2. Nunca vi! Mas parece ser bem gira :) tenho de estar atenta para ver se a apanho a dar!



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