09 janeiro 2012

Isabel Lucas for Glamour UK Magazine

I was making a break from Studying, when I found this pictures of Isabel Lucas for Glamour Uk Magazine and I could not resist sharing them with you. I found the outfits incredibly well put together, very chic and glamorous. However, I don't think they fit Isabel's style since she's very bohemian and laid back style, even in formal events. Maybe she would wear some items but definitely not all. Anyways, she is so beautiful and elegant and the outfits look great on her (anything does really), so we sure don't mind that she models them, right?
My favourite items are the shoes and the dress which is the most adorable thing ever.


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  1. Gosto muito.

    Quanto ao filme, fazes muito bem. Então aquela banda sonora é qualquer coisa ;)


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