31 julho 2011

Bon Voyage

Hello loves,

In just a few hours I'm going to leave on holidays  to Algarve, more precisely to an area near Tavira.
It's going to be a 6 hour road trip so I am going to bring the book "Eat Pray Love" with me to finish reading it, my mp4 player and my exaustion (Yes, I'm very tired, but even if I wasn't, there is something a about the swing of the car that makes me sleepy).
I probably won't post anything during this next days but i promise to try to access the internet.
When I arrive, I'll have a lot of pictures to show you.

Talk 2 u soon!

PS: I'm not sure yet, but after a couple of days after my arrival from the south I probably will be packing again to Barcelona. (I'm crossing my fingers)
Even though I've already been there, my parents and brothers haven't, and I sure don't mind going back to that amazing and beautiful city. There are so many things to see that I've only enjoyed a small part of what the city has to offer. 

29 julho 2011

The Black Ballerina

Here is what I wore a few days ago to go down-town with my mother.
I bought this top on sales and it reminds me of my ballet leotard, that I wore when I was a kid and I practised  ballet, because of the detail near the cleavage. Even though I sucked at it, I loved dancing. Now, I am more conscious of my two left feet and I get embarrassed when I dance, but I still like to dance when I feel like to (no, not ballet). :P


26 julho 2011

Colourful Party

Yesterday was my mother's B-day and we celebrated it in my Grandparents' house.
It was such a fun evenning. My entire family was there, even my cousin's dog, Nina, who also got to taste some of the food since she managed to eat my brother's meat when we weren't looking.

(Me and my cousin, Sofia)

(Me and my little brother Luis António)

(From left to right: Rita, me, Sofia and behind me my little brother Luis António)


(Me, Luis António, the women of the day - My Mother, and the Chocolate Cake + the Dulce de Leche Cream and Wafer made by moi)

Here are some details:

Photos by: Francisco Pacheco (aka my brother) 

What I was wearing:
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Via Capelo
Earings: H&M
Bracelet: DIY

25 julho 2011

A Walk in The City Park

Today, after having lunch (that btw was very good) at my grandma's I went for a walk with my family. Even though it was windy, the sun was up there shining.
I decided to wear this flowy blouse that I bought on sale in H&M and I paired it with some black shorts to give it a more casual look (I know I wasn't that casual, but who cares, I like to dress up!).And because it was kinda warm and I was wearing long sleeves I made a hair bun so I wouldn't be hot.

(Please excuse the rumpled blouse) 


(Even though I personally wouldn't like to have a balcony like this one for practical matters, because you can see everything from the street. I like the aesthetics very much so I decided to take a photo of it. Do you like it?)

Blouse and earings: H&M
Shorts: Zara
Flats: Via Capelo

19 julho 2011

Sentido/Direction... Guimarães


This morning I went to Guimarães with my mother to take care of a family business. It was a sunny day and there was not even a breeze. Guimarães is so different from Porto. Here is so windy that when you go to the beach you need something to protect you from the "flying sand". And now that I mention, I must say that, even though I've been going to this north beaches ever since I remember, I only bought some wind blockers this weekend. Can you believe it? I guess that better late than never.. :P