29 março 2011


I was looking for a bikini that I saw yesterday in calzedonia and even though I didn't find it, I saw their Spring Summer collection of tights, socks and leggings and I adored it!

Isn't the collection beautiful?


27 março 2011

Lace it up

Hey there!
Here are some pictures from today's outfit.
This Sunday I went to my grandma's house for lunch and I felt like wearing this.
I don't really like that people take pictures of me, but what the hell, it was for the sake of showing you what I was wearing. I really wanted you to see it because I really like the way it looked.
I'm not really the most photogenic person and my face looks fatter in the pics. So, if there is a next time I will try to improve. And not just me, but the quality of the photos as well. They were taken at night so they are kinda blurred. 
I wanted to thank my brother for being so sweet and take the photos! =)

Yesterday, I did some volunteering work for Cáritas and I felt so good for helping! I've just started this year but I'm never going to stop doing it. It's such a fantastic and rewarding experience.

What have you done this weekend?


23 março 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor died today at the age of 79.
She stared in movies like "Lassie", "Cleopatra" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". But she's not only known for her acting, she's also a fashion icon, was incredibly beautiful and was involved in a lot of actions to fight AIDS.
I admired her and she will always be remembered.


Latest obsession: Emilio Pucci boots

21 março 2011


Colors like orange, red, yellow, elctric blue, green and purple will be a big trend next season. But you can start wearing it now with your winter clothing.
Here is a compilation of pictures and a lot of ways you can wear this colors.
If you don't want to over-do-it, you can wear a bright color acessorie or just a clothing item with a neutral outfit.