27 março 2011

Lace it up

Hey there!
Here are some pictures from today's outfit.
This Sunday I went to my grandma's house for lunch and I felt like wearing this.
I don't really like that people take pictures of me, but what the hell, it was for the sake of showing you what I was wearing. I really wanted you to see it because I really like the way it looked.
I'm not really the most photogenic person and my face looks fatter in the pics. So, if there is a next time I will try to improve. And not just me, but the quality of the photos as well. They were taken at night so they are kinda blurred. 
I wanted to thank my brother for being so sweet and take the photos! =)

Yesterday, I did some volunteering work for Cáritas and I felt so good for helping! I've just started this year but I'm never going to stop doing it. It's such a fantastic and rewarding experience.

What have you done this weekend?


4 comentários:

  1. I love the photos, you look like Blair Waldorf!!
    We follow u

  2. Great loook...so elegant!!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog


  3. Quiii linda a minha Teresinha!!!
    Mas, sem dúvida que a minha parte preferida é o fantásticooo do nosso livro de micro! Aliás, merecia um lugar de destaque, não?



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