02 março 2011

John Galliano fired from Dior


John Galliano was fired after making some racist comments!

He was filmed drunk, in a coffeshop in Paris, saying things like "I love Hitler".

What do you think? Was it the best move Dior could have made?

Galliano is a 50 year-old fashion designer. He has been working for Christian Dior for about 14 years. He has an enormous criativity and he's very excentric.

I love the work he has done till now. And I am very sad he was fired. But on the other hand, I was disapointed and horrified by what he said and I cannot understand his opinion.

3 comentários:

  1. He's very talented and I think he wasn't serious when he said that thing, but we can't know... But what could Dior do, after this came out? It's obvious that they had to do something... I think we just can't know, so we can't judge


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