27 abril 2010

My outfit of the day

I took the first picture early in the morning. As I was late to school I didn't have time to take more, so I took more in the afternoon when I finished working on a presentation for school.
In two days, me and a friend of mine have to present it to two philosophy classes. I hope everything goes well.
I just saw this pictures of Lindsay Lohan and Alessandra Ambrosio. The only connection between them is their gorgeous shoes. Don't you like them?
I'm not completly in love with the outfit Lindsay is wearing, but I really like the one Alessandra's wearing. It's so effortless and chic!

Which is your favourite outfit?

26 abril 2010

My outfit of the day

Today, I felt like wearing light colours. I bought this shirt a while ago but I hadn't worn it yet. Before I got out of the house I put on a light pink cotton scarf and a denim coat.
I'm really happy, Spring has really started! (even thought Spring has officially started more than a month ago, hight temperatures have only started a week ago)
But my favourite season, Summer, is yet to came!
What's your favourite season? 

21 abril 2010

My outfit of the day

This are the first full body pictures that I've posted on my blog. I hope you like them.

Spring has started but today was a rainy day. I hope within the following days the sun starts to shine and the clouds go away so that I can wear my sandals.