16 novembro 2011

Like Crazy

I'm so sorry for the load of pictures but I loved the movie and and it was even an inspiration fashion wise. Since she has a very British style which I love.
The story revolves around a girl (Anna) and a boy (Jacob) who met in college in LA and fall head over heals in love. After a year, Anna has to go home but, as she doesn't want to leave her love, stays for the summer. This will constitute a visa violation and she won't be able to return. Consequently, a long distant relation will start.
One of the things that I liked the most in "Like Crazy" were their dialogs. The way they interact was so real that you could relate to them. The acting was amazing as well, and both actors had a real connection, working wonderfully well together.
The director was inspired by his own experience as he once fell in love with a girl from another continent and their story was very similar.
It's definitely a film to see.
If you have seen it tell me what you thought about it and if you adored it as much as I did.

11 novembro 2011

Spotted Trend: Felt Hats

Some inspirations:

I bought this hat at H&M last week. I had my eye on a hat like this for a while but I wasn't sure if I should buy it. I'm not a hat person you know. Not because I don't like them, but because I usually don't like to see myself wearing a hat. This one though was a different story. When I put it on I realised that it actually looked good on me. Adding that to the need of something that would protect my head from the rain, when there is too much wind to open the umbrella, helped me making up my mind and purchase it.

My interpretation of the trend:

Where you can buy them:

Asos 26€

asos 32€

forever 21 16€

topshop 33€

Zara 25,95€