02 setembro 2011

Painting Exhibition by Simone Krug

Today, I went to see my grandmother painting exhibition in Leça da Palmeira. It is called "Leça Retratada" (which means "Leça Portrayed"). I had a great time and enjoyed seeing most of the paintings for the first time. I only had seen two of them when I went to her house to take some photos of her paintings in order to do the invitations later. It portraits some landscapes and some parts of the city.

I decided to wear a simple outfit and some black simple heels to dress it up. And because I miss wearing heels since I haven't worn any for quite a while.

Photos by: Francisco Pacheco and me

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  1. Lovely blog,you have amazing taste and i love your outfit-- so chic.
    I'm a new follower! would you follow me?
    xx, Maria


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