07 setembro 2011

Alexa Dream

College starts next week and I needed a new bag to carry all my things, including my laptop. So I decided to check out ebay and see if I could find one that I would like. I had already visited the site but had never looked that deep and seriously into it. And guess what: I found a bag I am absolutely in love with.
Ok, so, I know this season trend bag is more like a structured kind of bag, even though satchels are all over the stores. And believe me, I looked for one that I really loved but couldn't find it (partially because it wasn't what I REALLY wanted). Last year, I wanted an Alexa from Mulberry alike so bad but the most similar I found (and that was in my price range) was a brown one from Mango (which I used to dead) and I love it. But I was still kind of not completely satisfied. When I was, a couple of days ago, looking for "the one" I couldn't take the Mulberry bag off my mind. So I looked for it ( for a knock off actually) and after a long search I found one that fulfils my requisites. It's big (so I can fit my laptop in it), it's cheap, and it's very similar to the Alexa.
It has already been shipped and I can't wait to have it on my hands. Now, I'm only afraid the quality is not so good due to the price. So I'm crossing my fingers.

While I can't have the real deal, I've to settle with a similar one. Even though I'm against buying copycats and prefer to buy bags from high street stores or vintage shops, I made an exception just because not so many people know this bag (or its brand) and it's not that obvious that it's a copycat.

Are you also an Alexa (the bag) admirer?

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