09 setembro 2011

Life Is Made of Tough Choices

Yesterday, I went to my driving lessons and on the huge lunch break I went to Parque Nascente. The first thing I did when I arrived was having lunch because I was starving. I went to McDonald's. I don't go there very often, maybe once or twice a month, so I was feeling like eating some junk food and I did. While I was enjoying delighting myself with this yummy burger I read a this month Vogue. Afterwards I went to see what is in the stores, specially Primark. Sadly there is only one in Porto and is not that close to where I live so I only go there sometimes. And, after giving up finding a pleaded midi skirt, I found it. It was there looking at me and saying "bring me home". So I did. It was just because I felt sorry of course. :P
The afternoon classes ended at eight and I still had to catch the subway and the bus to go home. When I arrived I just had time to exchange the trainers for some red flats, re-do my ponytail (which was falling apart after a long day), through my mobile, an apple, my red lipstick and a little mirror into my purse (I wasn't obviously  going to bring with me my huge - and I'm not exaggerating - bag, that I had carried all day with me) and eat some rice fish. All of this took me 15 minutes, because I had to be at my grandmother exhibition opening at half past nine and we made it. Now, you must be confused. Yes, I had already gone to my grandma's exhibition. But, due to some bag organization the opening was only today.
I wasn't able to take photos of my outfit since, in the middle of the rush, we forgot to take the camera with us. So this is the best I can do. Here are the pictures of the clothes I wore. Do you like it? I had been wanting to wear this dress but hadn't had the right chance to do so and I think it was the perfect outfit to wear.

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