26 abril 2011

A Visit From The Easter Bunny

Hey there!

The flats and the nail polish are my most recent purchases. The flats are just adorable and I really needed a black pair since the other two I own, are damaged and/or have gotten looser and are now too big for my feet. So, since I cannot live without a pair of black flats, I bought these. They are super comfy, they go with pretty much everything and they were cheaper then I expected them to be.

Lately, I've been kinda obcessed with Alexa Chung style and I decided to buy this purple varnish that she has been seen wearing and that I adore.
The book "Style Diaries" was a Easter present from my godmother (whose also my aunt). I had already seen the book before in a book store , but I didn't want to spend the money on the book since money's a bit tight. So, thank you so much Tia Luisa. You're the best!

I spent my Easter with my family in the grandparents' farm and I enjoyed it very much. I ate so much chocolate and sponge cake (pão-de-ló). I have what you call a sweet tooth.. :-P
Unfortunately, I had to came back home sooner than the rest of the family because I had to study for today's exam (which didn't went so well..).

How was your Easter break? Did you have fun? What's your favourite Easter dish?


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  1. Those flats look amazing! And I just got the same nailpolish from Sephora! What do you think about it? I find the color adorable, but it chips quite fast :( what´s your experience?

    xx Ivana



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