13 abril 2011

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain!"

Yesterday, I was part of the organization team of a volunteering fair at college. Even though I didn't do that much (I had to be present in two activities which I will talk next and I had to look after a space where there were sofas, a computer and other things), I was there the whole afternoon.
The first activity that I took part partly for the lack of people present and the need to be some people watching and also because I always wanted to know more about First Aid Assistance. It was so much fun.
Then I was at a kind of chat about national and international volunteering work. There were three speakers whose stories were inspiring.
However, today I received a phone call from a member of a group from college asking me about a missing remote. And I have no idea where it is, since I haven't seen it since the middle of the afternoon. :S I hope they find it or we're in trouble.

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  1. gosto muito da tua blusa!
    (obirgada pela tua visita ao meu blog!)



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