11 abril 2011

A Breeze of Warm Air

Today I wore for the first time in months a mini skirt with bare leggs. It felt so weird. But it's something that is very easy to get used to. The only bad thing about spring is that I have to wax my leggs more often, which is a bummer.. :P

This afternoon I went to the gym and did cycling. The class was at least intensive and you may say I didn't look very attractive when I left. I was kinda soaked. I hate it but I need to go back to shape. But I don't really expect to do so in a short period of time, I'm not really a diet person. I'm just going to avoid eating my beloved candies, eat less fat and go to the gym twice a week. Since I've started college, I've gained four kilos. (Yes, I know, quite a lot).

Now, something much more interesting: in four days, and one more test to go, Easter holidays are going to begin!

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