04 agosto 2011

Algarve Diary

Hello everybody,

(I warn you that a lot of text will follow, so if you want to skip it, there are pictures in the end)

I've managed to have Access to the internet, but only for three days.

Although, I’ve been here in Algarve for five days I’ve only enjoyed two days at the beach

Five days ago, Sunday, after a seven and a half hour trip we arrived to the apartments. Then we went to the reception where there was the longest line ever (I’m exaggerating but it felt like it) so we only installed ourselves after a little bit less than half an hour later. After carrying all the luggages, me and my brothers rushed to the pool where we were for only half an hour later because we had to finish unpacking and get ready for dinner.

The next day, we went to the beach but after a while we had to return because it was so much wind and too much sand flying around, hurting our legs and, so, it was unbearable to be there. I couldn’t believe it, last year the weather was so warm. When we were by the pool, still in the morning, it started to rain. At first, because I was with my eyes closed, I didn’t realize it and thought my little brother was pouring water all over me but when I opened my eyes ready to tell him to stop it immediately I saw big drops of water falling and everybody started to get their things and going back in. It continued throughout the afternoon and so we had to stay in.

On day three, I finally got to stay an entire morning in the beach (yuppi!) but the weather wasn’t still perfect, the one I remembered from the last year. On the afternoon there was a lot of wind but I decided not to be defeated by the wind and I went to the pool.

Yesterday, the sun was shining and the sky was finally clear and so I had the most amazing morning at the beach. I went for a long walk till the other the end of the beach. I regret not having taken the camera with me. A big part of the beach was desert and the sea colors were magnificent. In the evening, I went to Tavira with my family and my mother friends and respective families. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show you some pictures.

For now I leave you some pictures from the second day.



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