28 junho 2012

3# Quick Tip - Exfoliate Your Lips

·        You should exfoliate your lips once or twice a week. However you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it and you can make your own exfoliant. There are three methods I find that work very well. The first one is with a damp towel and you exfoliate by doing circulars motions on your lips. The second one is with a relatively soft tooth brush. It can be an old one if you want. And you also scrub your lips in circular motions. The final one is the sweetest one. Mix a coffe spoon of honey and half a coffee spoon of sugar together and there you have your very own scrub. If you want, you can use bigger amounts and store it in a small container and use the rest on another day. The best part about the last one is that you can eat it.
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5 comentários:

  1. I accidentally exfoliate my lips all the time when I'm irritated with my chapstick being on so long! Haha. But great tips and it definitely is important to do often!


  2. i'm sooo doing this!! thanks for the tip <3 have a happy friday!

    love, james

  3. Adorei as dicas, tenho de começar a fazer!!


  4. What great tips! I've been thinking I should buy one of those Lush lip scrubs, but I think I'll save my money and try these out xxx


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