23 dezembro 2011

Christmas Outfit No 1

Pink dress - Dorothy Perkins; Pumps - YSL; Clutch - Nordstrom; Earrings - House of Fraser; Nail Polish - Need Supply

So, I know I'm a little bit late, but I'm going to show you three outfits that I wish I could wear on Christmas Eve and on the Christmas Day. So if you haven't decided yet on what you are going to be wearing, you can get some ideas. This looks are all very dressy and girly because I absolutely love to dress up and this couple of days are perfect to do so.

I know the way people celebrate Christmas varies from one country to the another and from one family to another, so that's why I'm going to share how I spend this wonderful couple of days.
On the 24th, I always go to my grandparents house where, for dinner, I have boiled codfish, potatoes and some delicious vegetables, drizzled with hot olive oil. At midnight (approximately) we open the presents.
On the 25th the rest of my family comes to my house and we have the most amazing lunch together. In the afternoon, we open the presents that the rest of the family brought. I always enjoy this two days a lot and I have so much fun! The sad thing though is that only my younger cousin believes in Santa and this days are becoming a little different that they used to be.. But I guess I'll get used to it.
Please tell me how you spend your Christmas and what are your families traditions. I'd love to know!


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