18 dezembro 2010

Back on Blogosphere!


I'm so sorry for not doing any posts lately! This last weeks have been so busy! But now it's Christmas break and    things will slow down.
This since I have started college I've joint a group called NEV and I'm involved in some projects. In this projects I  do volunteering work, heping homeless people, children and so on. I also have to do some posters and logos and some other things. Plus, like some of you, I have to study for my tests and exams. Last weekend I did this English exam which is very important because it gives me a certificate that is very important for my curriculum and to study abroad.
My dream is to study a year in London and then do a master degree there too.


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  1. obrigada pelo comentário :)
    esta parte do inglês é tal e qual eu, também quero ir para londres estudar (se for possivel, claro):)
    gostei muito do blog!

    beijinhos.. e bom ano! ;)


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