07 novembro 2010

Anne Hathaway

annecover1 <em>Elle UK</em> December 2010 Cover | Anne Hathawayannecover2 <em>Elle UK</em> December 2010 Cover | Anne Hathaway

When I saw her on the cover of Elle magazine I really thought she looked stunning wearing this Balmain dress, but it didn't occurred me to post it on my blog, until today. Last night I dreamt that I had passed by her on the street. : P I had no idea why. She's not my favourite actress (don't get me wrong, I like her has an actress), I've seen some of her movies, but not recently, and I haven' read or seen many pictures of her. And when I was trying to remember the last time I've heard about her, this cover came to my mind. So I decided to show you.

9 comentários:

  1. Wow. I hadn't seen this cover yet, such a different look for her!

    xx Cristina

  2. God comes out very pretty! your best editorial!


  3. WOW shockingly sexy and beautiful. Normally she has a ´im a teacher´look.. And then in a positive way but in this dress she´s stunning.. Actually i think everyone who wears this dress will look stunning!

  4. She looks stunning. I love her movies especially Devil's wear Parada.

    I agree with you. Chinese buffet is really not authentic. Americanized Chinese.

    Love Nana

  5. Esse vestido anda a vestir varias celebridades,pudera..é espectacular!

  6. parece a Olivia Palermo na primeira foto!
    E é verdade, eu já vi esse vestido milhares de vezes!




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